we will go down with the ship



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this could be the stupidest plan we’ve ever come up with, you’re aware of that right?

            i ’ m   a w a r e   i t ’ s   n o t   o u r   b e s t.

l: maybe we should just walk.
s: i will never abandon this jeep, you understand me? ever.

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Anonymous asked, "Do you guys watch Orange Is The New Black?"

We do! We will be talking about it whenever we’re able to record another episode.

I guess that means it’s a good time to post an update: We recorded an episode a few weeks ago, but I haven’t posted it because I lost the external hard drive I had it on. Thankfully, I found it on Friday while I was cleaning out my car! So I’ll probably post it tonight or tomorrow.

We’ve just been really busy this summer. I’ve been running between doctors and baby sitting and getting ready to apply to school, so we just haven’t had the time. We will definitely be recording on Friday, though.

You’re the one that I love, and I’m saying goodbye.

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we will go down with the ship