we will go down with the ship

we don’t move until we find Simmons

we don’t move until we find Simmons

Anonymous asked, "There hasn't been anything posted for a few weeks. You guys haven't stopped, right?"

No, we’re still here! We’ve just had a hard time finding time to record. The last episode we recorded ended up being useless. The audio was all messed up. And we just haven’t had time since to record. But we are recording tonight.

As next morning reblogs… that’s on me. I guess I just kind of got discouraged with all of my ships sinking lately so I haven’t been going into my shipping tags at all. But I’ll be posting some “catch up” stuff in the next few days.

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Jeff x Annie in Advanced Advanced Dungeons and Dragons

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What’s 180 days to us?

Listen it’s 180 days, Veronica. What’s a 180 days to us? Our story is epic. Spanning years. Continents.

Lives ruined. Bloodshed.


Come back to me?


Well, Katie is 120% onboard the Bethyl train. We’ll find out how Emily feels about it after these past few episodes when we record this week.

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Emily and I recorded an episode last week, but I just listened to the recording and it’s all messed up. Sadly, it’s completely useless. We will be recording this week, so we’ll try to recover the pertinent stuff we said last week.

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we will go down with the ship